Saturday, January 19, 2019

I think my subjects might be smarter than I thought. Could it be?

Ah, Monsieur, this is an important discovery. Well done. The best dictators know they are not Arsenal in a cup tie with Grimsby. Your opponents are always smart, and that is why being a dictator can be so rewarding.

You can’t keep ’em stupid either, it seems. For a great read, mosey to Lapham’s Quarterly. It’s filled with wonderful things, like this, from The Twelve Articles of the Peasants in 1525:

We are aggrieved in the matter of woodcutting, for the noble folk have appropriated all the woods to themselves alone. If a poor man requires wood, he must pay double for it. It is our opinion in regard to a wood which has fallen into the hands of a lord whether spiritual or temporal that unless it was duly purchased it should revert again to the community.

Read, it, really. This publication was part of a broad uprising against feudal landowners in Europe. Lapham’s says by 1526, 100 000 peasants were killed as the landowners pushed back. That’s a terrible waste of peasants. Shoddy landowning, if you ask me, to not see that one coming. You’ve got to stay ahead of the game. And remember, skedaddle while you still have time to spend your squirrelled millions.



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