Saturday, January 19, 2019

Tip of the week: democracy is a dictator’s best friend

Dear Monkeys, some blogger called Chris Roper is undoing a lot of good work pointing out the rise of aspiring dictators in South Africa. He’s spotted some striking similarities between them and Ernst Röhm, a Nazi leader that Hitler bumped off on his way to the top.

Roper does have some good tips, including this arrow for your quiver: democracy is the best way to start a reign of terror, because you can always say you were elected:

“Democracy! Allowing people to choose their own doom for over 2 500 years!” Or even better: “Democracy! Recommended by nine out of 10 demagogues as an effective way to legitimate corruption!”

Friends in South Africa: Glean what you can from Roper’s piece. And stop being so obvious, he won’t be the only one on to you.



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