WoW for WordPress

WoW for WordPress

I was [self] commissioned a little while ago to create a website for the World of Warcraft guild I play with. After much agonising over how I would make some kind of money from this site I eventually came up with the idea of modifying an existing free WordPress theme published under a licence that permits one to resell it. I added a few extra things like World of Warcraft WordPress plugins and some artwork too, of course.

The idea spawned from 2 days of pure frustration looking for a WordPress theme that would have a World of Warcraft look to it. I was actually quite surprised to find that there aren’t any half-decent themes out there.

The project itself took much technical work on back-end CSS styling (thanks for the help bro!) and a whole bunch of Photoshop work! For those less technically inclined, I’m certain one could apply the same principle I used to create this virtual product to create your own. Here’s a prime example: Toffee apples! Apples are practically free (like WordPress themes) and with a little caramelized sugar (or CCS styling in this case) customers will come a’ rushin’ to the till.

If you’re wondering how I did it, after registering a domain I simply followed standard WordPress installation guidelines and used Notepad++ to edit the CCS files. A little photoshop magic added some shine and I uploaded the packaged product to which connects to my PayPal account direct.

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