Bananas, bananas, bananas

Update 16 Dec 2013: The DictatorChimp site is now archived here.

My cousin Tom and I used to stay up very late to solve the world’s great problems. Political philosophy, literature, computer gaming, all the important stuff. But at some point, usually around three or four, we’d start talking rubbish. When we noticed it, we’d call it: “Bananas, bananas, bananas.” The phrase summed up the opaque silliness that our thinking had become. Bed time.

Ironically, this site nearly drove me there. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted, but getting there took forever. Draft after draft, including at least one entire day lost to trying to create my own WordPress theme for it. (Tip: Don’t. The pros have jobs for a reason.)

But there it is: I won’t try to explain. It must stand for itself. I’ve written and scheduled a few posts for it, and so help me Great Monkey, I’ll add others to keep the site alive long enough to prove itself.

Tools used: WordPress CMS with the free Simple Magazine theme by Arcsin. Monkey products it the side bar are Amazon affiliate links, and the donations links at the bottom are PayPal donation buttons.

Process: Register domain; install WordPress; download, install and set up the theme; set up an affiliate account on Amazon (done for previous site); write copy. Probably about five hours’ work spread over several days. But this doesn’t include at least ten or fifteen hours spent trying various themes, designs, and concepts before hitting on a simple one that kinda works.

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