Coaching Soccer

The most difficult part of using the existing domain’s we’ve already registered is reliving the failure we’ve already come to terms with when we abandoned them.

Initially I had great plans to digitize the soccer coaching manual I had scanned in a year ago. Given to me by the great friend and soccer fanatic Gareth Wilke, we set about selling this manual online when he confirmed the rights to sell it, given his co-authorship. Needless to say, my pedantic perfectionism built the project up to such great heights that the obstacles became to great to overcome.

So, Coaching Soccer USA – A lesson in overcoming my all-to-common “I can’t because it’s not perfect” hurdle.

The soccer coaching manual that now sells for the laughably low price of $1.99 for the first chapter does not do the actual content any justice. The 5-page soccer manual is actually really great and I curse at myself that I hadn’t found the time between World of Warcraft raiding to digitize it properly and restore it to it’s former glory.

Despite what the website may actually look like, the emotional investment in this project was massive and it eventually took a good few words via Seth Godin on ‘Quieting the Lizard Brain’ to push me over the edge and just ship it (no matter its current state).