Eco Real Estate For Sale

Though I was beat huh? Think again! Well, I’m still waiting on some content from our father dearest as I write this post, but never the less I have launched my next installment: Buy Today, Save Tomorrow!

Our folks have had a plot of land stowed away in tranquil Betty’s Bay for quite some time now. Inherited from parents of theirs the Betty’s Bay plot has been in the family for a mere 2 generations, not quite enough for it to constitute a sentimental value, although, Arthur would argue otherwise.

Never the less! This website’s purpose is to sell that plot of land for a price a little over and above what our parents are willing to let it go for, in there will lie my profit! Simple enough.

The sale of land itself is a little more complex than your average eCommerce system can handle so I’ve put a contact form in place that will deliver an email to the necessary parties should one enquire.

As mentioned earlier, I’m still waiting on content in the form of words and imagery from my father who I commissioned for the dreadful task of content creation. This, of course, is completely legit given that he’s getting something out of it and despite my tone, he did oblige when I asked.

The CMS is wordpress, the theme comes via and thats that!