Stigue & His Instrument

Piano & Trumpet Lessons, Professional Musician

This week’s website was made for my friend Stigue who is about to finish his University studies at UCT and is heading out into the working world most of us are so familiar with (assuming I have my target market identified here… ok, analysis paralysis, my bad… never mind).

I offered some time ago to craft a website for dearest Stigue and have his skills and capabilities put out there. Needless to say I would take a small portion of his earnings generated from the site. Much like affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing in general is a superb way of gifting those who went to the effort of marketing a product with some portion of the revenue. So this week past whilst putting the site together I set about carefully calculating a means to make this work for Stigue and I in a way that would not seem unreasonable and stay mutually beneficial. What I didn’t realise is that affiliate marketing is used predominantly for physical and virtual products, and not a variety of services offered by one who blows on the end of a brass tube.

In the end, I chose not to opt for the commission-based-potential-client-or-band-owner-conversion strategy, but instead will charge a minimal fee of $5 / R30 per month to keep his site up and out there.

The website itself is quite stunning thanks to the amazing (and guided) content Stigue provided. From high res imagery to a video clip and music samples, it really has it all.


The fine print: If you’re hoping to sucker me into doing another website like this for the same price, think again!